When we think of massage therapy it’s usually seen as a way to relax, unwind, and decrease stress.  While I completely agree that having someone release all the tension I’ve been carrying in my shoulders (or everywhere if we are being honest) is an amazing feeling, did you know there is much more to massage than just “it feels good”? Research has shown that regular massage provides benefits that help improve and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, massage does help manage stress and encourage relaxation.  It also directly affects the cardiovascular system.  By dilating blood vessels and enhancing venous blood flow (back to the heart), massage can actually lower blood pressure.  Improve heart health and all I have to do is lie there?  Sign me up!

It doesn’t stop there.  Massage also aids in relieving muscle tension, reduces muscle soreness, and speeds up recovery.  This improves flexibility and can reduce inflammation.  For all you athletes and regular gym goers, massage can work with exercise to improve performance and help reach your fitness goals.

Want more information on massage or an individualized program specific to your needs? Our licensed massage therapists specialize in everything from deep tissue and chronic pain relief to pre-natal and reflexology (to name a few).

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