It’s funny how it takes something to so scary in life to make you realize what is really important. I was one of those people that were going through the motions; get up, commute to work, exercise, work some more, commute home, etc.  I have always tried to balance play and work.  Then I was stopped in my tracks with a routine doctor’s appointment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2015.

I am an Ironman triathlete, marathoner, collegiate swimmer, personal trainer, mother, and wife. The diagnosis re-organized everything in my life.  Fitness has always been a huge part of my life.  I ate healthy (most of the time) and made exercise a priority. One of the biggest hurdles to get over was the question, “why did this happen to me?”

It has now been over a year since I finished treatments and I’m on the road to recovery. Being fit prior to my diagnosis definitely helped with my recovery.  It was hard to exercise consistently at first with all the surgeries, but now that part is over and I feel more like myself.  I’m still not where I used to be, but that’s okay.

When something like this happens, you celebrate every little milestone. My daughter will be four in two weeks.  I may never do another Ironman, but at least I’ll get to see my daughter grow up.
Healthworks has been very supportive both financially and mentally throughout this long, arduous journey.  Working at Healthworks part time while going through treatments helped take my mind off things and relieved some of the burdens that may have arisen at other places of employment.  My clients and co-workers are amazing people.  They inspire me every day!

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  • SR says:

    Life events, and especially those related to your own health or the health of your loved ones, surely helps us to understand our true values and priorities. As a charter member of the Chestnut Hill HW, I am especially pleased that you have been so well supported.

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