When it comes to exercise, intense, high energy routines aren’t always the answer. To finesse your balance, coordination, and flexibility, the Pilates reformer is an exciting way to switch up your routine.

What is the Reformer?

The Pilates reformer is a bed-like machine that allows you to sit, stand, or lie down and use your body weight and resistant springs to move around. The machine has straps with handles to allow for a multitude of exercises, as well as a foot bar.

Since the reformer has so many components, it’s a versatile machine that allows for exercises to be easily adapted for all levels. You can strengthen the entire body using one machine.

What are the Benefits of the Reformer?

Many reformer exercises (and exercises in general) will help build up a strong core. The core is the foundation of strength and gives your body the power and balance to perform other exercises. The reformer carriage—the part you lie, sit or kneel in—can be adjusted to be less stable, forcing your core to work harder and helping to build up core stability.

Because the reformer allows exercises with a full range of motion, it also increases flexibility while simultaneously building strength. The springs can be adjusted to have more resistance, allowing a gain in strength with every move.

How do I Begin Using a Reformer?

Try and Intro to Pilates Reformer session at Healthworks. Learn how to set-up and break-down the equipment, personalize reformer settings, and core Pilates Principles.

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