Topic: How do you restructure your body to look more toned?

Have you ever heard someone refer to themselves or another individual as “skinny fat”? What does this even mean and what can you do about it? This term is used to describe a condition where someone maintains an average weight for their body structure but has very little muscle and too much body fat. One efficient way to fix this is weightlifting! Many women fear the free weights. They are concerned that too much lifting will leave them looking bulky. This is 100% a myth! Lifting will not leave you bulky, but what it will do is help you burn off some of those fat cells.

The body burns more calories when it has more muscle. In order to lose fat, it is necessary for you to put on muscle. If you tend to be a cardio bunny, it is time to reevaluate your workouts! Cardio is a great way to keep your heart healthy, but it can also be detrimental to building muscle.

Another focus should be your diet. Many times, not consuming enough calories will also give you this undesirable physique. You will look thin; however, you won’t necessarily feel thin. This is because your body is feeling depleted, leaving you looking “soft”. You also don’t have the muscle to give you the full/toned look you desire. When your body doesn’t have enough food to fuel your workouts, it begins to pull fuel from your muscles. Therefore, you are losing even more muscle then you had to begin with.

It is important to feed your body properly and allow your body to adjust to proper nutrition. By consuming more calories, you will have more energy and more motivation to push those weights. The combination of the two will start to give you the results you want. Once enough muscle has been put on, you can then adjust your calories accordingly to lose more fat. Remember it IS possible to get the physique you desire. You just need to pick up the weights and fuel your body properly. Your body will naturally recoup itself as you build the bod you want.

How can I be sure I am making progress? Healthworks offers InBody scans which will assess your structural changes to your body vs. going off a number on the scale. The InBody uses advanced technology to determine your body composition (muscle vs. fat). Sometimes the scale can be stubborn and you may not realize how your bodies composition may be changing. The InBody can do 3 things that the scale won’t do for you; show you your BMR, provide readings for lean mass for specific body parts and a history chart showing all current and previous readings. With all this information, there is no need to second guess the progress you are making!