Do you feel like you’ve been putting in the miles but still to fall flat when it comes to endurance or pace? Keep reading. Lots of runners reach plateaus or get bored. Depending on what’s getting you down, there are several ways to re-energize and reboot!

If you need a jumpstart, here are 10 ways to rev-up your running and get back on the right path.


1) Set a Specific Goal and hire a coach.

A coach can help you break out of a rut if you’re aiming to smash your PR or want to learn to run safely. Our personal trainers can guide and coach you to success… don’t be afraid to reach out!

2) Race!

Regular racing provides a tangible marker of your progress. Competing against others will draw out the speedster in you. Race regularly if you want to drop time. You can find a list of Boston-area runs here!

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3) Get Social.

If being coached doesn’t hit the mark and regular racing has you feeling burned-out, focus on the greater world of running by immersing yourself in the culture. Find a way to volunteer or meet other runners and see how they train. You’ll leave feeling inspired and with a few new tricks up your running sleeves.

4) Volunteer at a Race.

Volunteering can help you meet people with all sorts running experience and goals which have great advice or stories that can inspire you. Immersing yourself in the local running culture will feel like a breath of fresh air, and encourage you to keep pushing!

5) Become a mentor for a group like “Girls on the Run” or something similar.

Supporting beginner runners makes you feel like a pro. You’ll also get in some extra miles while running with your mentee. That will help you improve your running-base.rev-up-running

6) Dive into Pacing.

Try using a pacing watch if you’ve never paid attention to it before. Noticing your target heart rate throughout a run will help you stay in touch with how different paces affect you. This awareness also pulls back the blinders on perceived exhaustion and allows you to push yourself harder than before.

7) Investigate Intervals.

Try speed-play or hill repeats. Don’t worry about the exact length of the sprint or the hill. The idea is to be spontaneous with quick bursts of intensity followed by slower jogging or walking.

8) Find a partner or group to run with.

Check out posts at your gym or the local running store to see if there are group runs you can join or fellow runners looking for partners.

9) Try a different surface.

Have you been running a lot of trails? Try the track. If you’ve been on the roads for a while, explore the woods. Mixing up surfaces will not only wake-up your mind, but the muscles you’ve been neglecting will also kick into action which often renders increased speed and stamina.

10) Lift Weights.

Incorporate strength training into your workout plan. Your tissues (bone, muscle, tendons, etc.) will hold up to the repetitive nature of running if you develop head to toe musculature. Click this link for a more accurate strength training routine by Runner’s World.

Happy Running!

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