Hanging Out With Ashley: Sculpt Yoga

Do you remember taking your first yoga class? I sure do. I stumbled into a dim room carrying my water bottle and wearing gym sneakers only to find it was dead silent and everyone was wearing “yoga” pants (which had just started to be “all the rage”). To say I felt out of place is the BIGGEST understatement. I knew all of the benefits of traditional yoga, physically and mentally – but I don’t think I was ready to fully appreciate the practice. Now that I’ve completed my first year of motherhood, the idea of integrating yoga into my life has me really intrigued. Could I use some quiet time? Absolutely. Stretching? You bet. Savasana aka “corpse pose”? 100%; yet I could also stand to do a squat or two because let’s face it, no one likes a “mom butt.”

I was super excited when Healthworks began offering a new class, Sculpt Yoga, this past month! The description of the class seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for; fast-paced, flexibility, strength training, lean muscle mass, and athletic approach…a little bit of everything! What if I told you that in ONE class alone we did: pushups, planks + plank up-downs, jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, skaters, bicep curls, hammer curls, front arm raises, lateral arm raises, shoulder press, squats, squats with a knee-lift, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and abs. WOOOWEEE! I’m tired just writing that out! Now imagine doing all of this while also working through traditional flow yoga AND getting a great stretch into some upbeat tunes! Perfection! I left my 8am class (on a Sunday, go me!) feeling so invigorated and energized. It was such an amazing way to kick off my day.

If you’d like to try a sculpt yoga class, check out the schedule! It comes highly recommended by yours truly 🙂 Happy weekend! I hope it’s amazing!



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