September Fit Girl

As a 73 year old, I very much appreciate 10 + years or so at Healthworks. Initially, I joined Healthworks prior to its’ opening in Chestnut Hill thinking, this is a wonderful place to pamper and rest. However, I was sold on the Healthworks Foundation and its’ commitment to the Community. Not knowing about Healthworks Community Fitness at the time, I understood membership dues play a large part in the positive welfare of many females whose lives were then and are now enhanced by the availability of Healthworks services to them. So, I joined. It has become a place to focus on mind spirit and body.

Love the membership which allows me to pop in a Healthworks nearby or across town. Any day in the week meeting with a client rarely keeps me from yoga and Zumba at HW. Healthworks is there for women to tone and to heal and to have fun. There’s always a Pro with a smile just nearby to help a girl whether it be the need of a personal trainer or working out solo.

Well! Happily on my way to Zumba and yoga on a lovely Tuesday, I slipped on a plastic bottle and fell from the T train at Coolidge Corner. Yep. 🙂

When recovering from the ankle injury along with prescribed exercises from Beth Israel PT, the soft touch in and out of our whirlpool at Back Bay made the healing process much easier. The BI Team directed my slow and steady return to yoga with Leah, Jessica, Kate R. and Shireen.

Once ready, I carefully pumped it up with Adam in our Saturday morning Zumba. As I stepped into the studio, Adam immediately invited me to my favorite spot in front of the class and everyone put their hands together to cheer me forward.

As HW so talented instructors have grown toward their individual careers, Healthworks continues to bring on the new who enhance our lives. So happy to Zumba on Saturday mornings with Sonia. I love Sylver for his moves that keep us on our toes. Our two new yoga instructors at Coolidge Corner: Monica, on Friday night and Paloma on Sunday afternoons each with a bring their flavor to the yoga practice.

I enjoy the array of opportunities that Healthworks offers to participate. The vendors, fundraising for Healthworks Community Fitness, the spa for not only massage but “Cupping”. How about Zumba on the Esplanade?

Delighted to share my story with the Healthworks Members and Team. Thank you for this perfect occasion to begin writing my memories.

Over and out for now 🙂

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