So you’ve decided it’s time to step up your fitness. (For real!) There’s a better way to make change stick this time. Small-group exercise is proven to be motivating, leading to lasting results.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up to Shape Up

1) Accountability

A study commissioned by Virgin Active found that 31% of women consider their friends to be their main motivators for staying in shape. Knowing that people are expecting you and will notice if you’re not there can mean the difference between a sweat session and a sofa session.

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2) Encouragement

That same study found that 64% of women push themselves harder in a group workout than if they exercised alone. And they worked out longer, as well. Admit it: You’re far more likely to eke out that last rep when everyone else is suffering through it too, right? Small-group exercise classes come with a built-in cheering session. High-fives help!

3) Education

A small-group exercise class is an excellent way to learn new skills and proper form. At teamTRAINING, our certified personal trainers will expand your workout repertoire—along with your strength. And we’ll make sure you’re doing so in a safe way. Injuries, sminjuries!

4) Excitement

Are you bored by the barbells? Tired of the treadmill? Our teamTRAINING workouts are always changing! Ruts lead nowhere, but a small-group class can lead to a whole new love affair with exercise.

5) Empowerment

Getting fit with a team means a massive influx of motivation. There’s power in unity! When you’re working together, you discover new sources of inspiration and dynamic energy. And you can make new friends among a group of like-minded women. Small-group exercise classes can result in lifestyle changes and lifelong relationships.

Starting out on a new fitness journey is better with friends than going it alone, and it can help you to push your limits and finally achieve significant, lasting results. Get there with a solid dose of girl power from TeamTRAINING. After all, who runs the world?

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