60% of that beautiful body of yours is water. Indeed 73% of both your brain and your heart is liquid goodness. Clearly, water is life. While keeping track of your water intake might sound extremely dry, it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to technology and creativity, (Who thinks-up this stuff?) drinking your water and maintaining healthy hydration can be fascinating and fun.

There is a multitude of “smart water bottles” on the market that can track your liquid intake to help you meet the general guideline of 2 liters or a half gallon of water a day. A water tracker can be your sidekick. So, it makes sense to choose one the way you might choose a best friend, a wing-man or a workout pal. Each one has a different quality. Some are the life of the party and play music. Others are straightforward, no-nonsense “only the facts ma’am” ordeals. There are several options.

Here’s a look at 3 potential BBFF’s (best-bottle-friend-forevers)


1) The One That Really “Gets You”

If you confide in this cup, it will remember your height, weight, sex, age and your goals. The H2O Pal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker takes your personal information, remembers your goals and becomes your cheerleader. It’s not afraid to interrupt your busy day and pester you to take care of yourself by sending you reminders to drink up. The only bummer is that the bottle is glass and comes with a separate base. It might not be ideal to carry during super-active sporting endeavors. However, it will be there ready and waiting to advise and support you when you stop to get your breath.





2) Budget Friendly and Dependable

The Home Cube Intelligent Induction Cup is like the friend who pulls out a coupon when the barista hands you the bill. You can afford a night out with this pal. It will set you back about $25-$35 (That’s a third of the price of many other smart cups). The cool thing about this tracking cup is that it answers when you call. If you place it by your bedside and need it in the middle of the night, you don’t have to fumble around hoping to find it. It lights up when it senses your search! Also, it beckons you in the day by flashing every two hours to remind you to drink.




3) The Networker

If you like social butterflies, you might enjoy the Moikit Cuptime2. It makes sure you are connected to all your other gadgets! Data from this water bottle will link up with Fitbit, Jawbone and Apple Health Kit. Like a good friend, it will also tell you if your beverage is too hot to drink before you burn your tongue. It has Bluetooth (!), is made with BPA-free plastic components and has an LED screen.






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