With summer’s passing, retreats and camps geared toward kids will close-up shop. Now it’s your turn! This fall, take advantage of your adult freedom and experience an adult over-night camp-like experience that features your favorite activities and the things that relax you.

What wellness wishes or fitness goals do you have? Chances are there is a spa, retreat or camp relatively nearby that will appeal to your sense of adventure or your quest for calm.

If You Want to Get Away (But Not Too Far Away), Here Are a Few Ideas Close-ish to Beantown to Get You Started:


Canyon Ranch-Lenox is a Berkshire retreat a couple of hours from Boston that’s geared to adults who want to unwind. Are you a lover of yoga, paddling, snowshoeing, hiking or just relaxing? There’s something for every season. If you don’t mind venturing a little farther away check out this list of “7 New England Wellness Retreats to Visit” put together by Boston Magazine.

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Yoga Centers:

Your inner-Yogi won’t have to travel far to experience a retreat steeped in ancient Yoga practice and holistic wellness. The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health is about 2-hours from Boston and offers a wide-array of yoga centered packages and spa/wellness treatments. If you want to travel, there are yoga retreats all over the world!

Running Retreats:

Do you find Zen when running? Maybe you’ve run the Boston Marathon before and want to beat your PR. Or, conversely, you’ve stood cheering on the sidelines secretly yearning to be out there yourself. There are adult running camps (soccer camps, hiking retreat… you name it) that cater to every goal you can imagine in many locations you might never have considered. Competitor Running has put together a list of some of the best for you to check out!

A Retreat for Every Person and Pooch?!

Maybe the thought of leaving your beloved dog behind while you take a break sounds like a horrible, stressful idea! Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires allows you to hike, rest and refresh while spending quality time with your pooch and new dog-loving friends.

The point is, Camp Unleashed, running retreats, spas and yoga centers are just examples of the many immersive programs out there that cater to the individual ways adults rejuvenate. Find one to fit your wellness aspirations. If you haven’t found one that appeals to you, keep looking. Even if your idea of rejuvenation is “out there,” chances are your perfect spa- the week that will leave you feeling and looking beautiful- is out there too!


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