Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals While Traveling

Happy Summer!! We hope that everyone has some relaxing vaca time planned. The sun does us all some good! We don’t expect everyone to be perfect on vacation because let’s face it, no one is. You can still enjoy your vacation and stay on track with your nutrition goals.

Traveling can make it difficult to be consistent with your food choices.

Two things to keep in mind while traveling:

1. Include fruits and veggies in every meal

2. Pay attention to volume at meals. If the foods are going to be higher calorie, you just need to make sure you are not eating too much of them!

Paying attention to nutrition leading up to your trip and having a plan for when you get back can make the transition an easier one.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

Before Leaving

1. Many people stop going food shopping a little too soon leading up to a vacation. I get it- you don’t want to throw food away- but let’s stay on point until you leave! Make sure you have enough food on hand to prepare a few final balanced meals. Pick up a few yogurts, bananas, and individual Kashi cereals for a balanced breakfast option. Even if you are not going food shopping, try to avoid the higher calorie takeout meals before you even get to the sun!
2. PLAN. Walk through timing of meals. I.e. I will be on the plane from 9am-1pm so I will need a lunch. Let me plan to pack a PB & banana on whole wheat so I don’t have to resort to airplane food. Mentally walk through your travel days to fill in the gaps. And remember- ALWAYS bring snacks!! For example, I love the Justin’s individual squeeze packets of Almond Butter.

When you Get Back

1. Consider getting a Peapod or food delivery service to your home Sunday night or early Monday morning. If you don’t have time to do food shopping and food prep, this cuts the work in half.

2. Know your options for healthy prepared food. Do you have time to go to Whole Foods on Monday and pick up grilled chicken, salmon, or roasted veggies? Know the places near your work or home that have these options available!

3. Consider picking up two salads when at work (one for lunch and one for dinner) until you have time to go food shopping and meal prep.

4. As soon as you return, don’t DIET or CLEANSE!! Don’t obsess over the scale! Make smart, realistic goals for the week you get back and find a way to hold yourself accountable to them.

5. Most importantly- get back to the gym and start sweating (out the alcohol!).

Use these tips and tricks next time you are traveling or have a vacation planned. Have more nutrition-related questions or interested in nutrition counseling? Contact our Registered Dietitians.

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