At Healthworks, we love providing our gym-goers with challenging, effective, and dare we say fun exercise equipment, and the stepmill (also known as a stair climber) is a perfect example.

Here are a few reasons why we really love it:

– It’s low impact.
– It’s highly versatile, making it perfect for low, moderate, and high-intensity cardio.
– It features a multi-joint, 100% functional movement (after all, how many of us have to clamber up and down stairs every day?!).

In an ode to the stepmill, this month we’re featuring it in our Monthly Fitness Challenge. We want to know: how many steps can you take in 5 minutes?

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Step By Step:
How to Use a Stepmill Safely

Like a real set of stairs, you should exercise caution when using (that is, exercising on!) a stepmill. In order to prepare you for this month’s fitness challenge, here are a few important safety tips to keep in mind:

– Always clip the safety clip on your waist when using the stepmill. This way, the machine is easier to turn off in an emergency (it’ll shut off automatically if the opposite end of the clip is pulled from the machine).

challenge stepmill– Avoid pressing too much through your arms or hunching over on the rails. Instead, place your hands lightly on the rails either to the side or slightly in front of you, and keep your shoulders and elbows relaxed.

– When stepping, place as much of your foot on each step as you can. If you’re totally new to the machine, then keep the rate low until you’ve practiced and gotten more comfortable with the coordination and sequencing.

– For the best form and an even better workout, be sure to keep your body tall while using the stepmill. Gaze straight and chest up helps maximize oxygen flow and reduces strain on your back, too.

The Challenge:

Step Your Way to Fitness in 5 Minutes

So, go ahead and get to steppin’! We encourage everyone from our club community to participate in this month’s challenge, and be sure to record your numbers so you can compare with your friends and the rest of the Healthworks community! Talk to a trainer or team member if you have any questions.



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