Gabby Douglas, Kevin Durant, and Usain Bolt; what do all those elite athletes have in common (other than owning their own weight in medals, trophies, and plaques)? They were all part of a team while on their path to realizing their dreams. The power of training as a team or group is undeniable when it comes to driving motivation, empowering individuals to achieve or surpass their goals and creating a network of social support that can instantly increase overall wellness. Whether you’re aiming to be as fit as possible when you slide into your wedding dress, or you’re a new mom juggling parenthood and exercise, teaming up with others who share fitness goals-whatever they might be- can benefit you in many ways!

Speaking on motivation within groups in exercise to, Kinesiology Professor Deb Feltz stated: “When an athlete performs as part of a team, the pressure shifts from the weighing on the individual’s shoulders to being a collective burden felt by the team. That process relieves pressure from the individual and enhances that athlete’s focus and performance.” Sounds great, right?

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Unlocking the Magic of Support:

The Team:

Teams share a commitment to a goal and inherently provide various levels of camaraderie, motivation, and depending on objectives, competition. All of these serve as powerful personal motivators. Teammates hold you accountable, provide support through tough times and share the deep reward of hard-earned breakthrough moments! If you’ve ever been part of a team sport, you know just how unique and special the bond between teammates can be.

The Coach:

A team is more than a few people working out together. Coaches provide the technical knowledge, experience, personal touch and the leadership required to chart the course, keep the group on track and set them up for success. The best coaches provide support, encouragement, practical help and make the process to the goal enjoyable and deeply rewarding.

Convinced? Join a teamTRAINING session and make a difference in your health… and your group’s!

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