How Transform Helped Me

Feyza Williams recently shared with us how she enlisted in the DROP10 program to turn her life around. Here’s her story.

feyzaAfter losing an initial 12 pounds by dieting constantly for few years, in 2011 I hit rock bottom. I was tired, losing hope, and lacking inspiration. Even though I already had lost some weight, I still had another 18 pounds to go. At the time, I wasn’t into physical activities that much. I was weak and didn’t have a lot of energy, and I really didn’t know what to do about it. I needed guidance and motivation.

Then I joined Transform,  which not only changed my body, but also changed my life. Transform is like joining a team where everybody becomes part of a support group. Being with real people who shared in my struggles kept me going. I found motivation and I learned about the correct way of exercising which brought amazing results. Most importantly, I completely changed my eating habits by learning about nutrition and dieting facts. As part of Transform, I trained through a series of strength and cardio exercises that focused on every muscle group in my body. Classes were never boring or routine and keeping track of my food intake really helped me to understand what was good for my body and how to avoid empty calories. Developing much healthier and realistic eating habits without being a slave of the latest crash diet trends, along with exercising efficiently helped me lose the last 18 pounds and I’ve kept it off for the last four years.

As a Mediterranean person who inherited an apple shaped body and an endless appetite for food, I always felt that I was destined to be out of shape. Now looking back, I know I was wrong. Thanks to Transform, I am now stronger than ever. And I truly believe that if I did it, anyone can do it too.

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