The tiny flowers and leaves of lavender plants pack quite a punch when it comes to relieving stress and supporting health and wellness. Lavender oil also has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. Why not arm yourself with lavender for those days when you might need to unwind for a bit? Here are 4 ways you can incorporate this powerful little herb into your life at home or at work.

1) Cultivate Peace… in a Pot!

Try growing your own lavender plant at home or at work. The plant will enjoy being outside when the climate allows, but if you follow some general guidelines it can spruce up your interior too! You can snip-off leaves whenever you need them and benefit from the way indoor plants clean pollutants from the air.

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2) Keep it Clean & Calm!

Put organic lavender soap by your sink at work or at home. Not only will you reap the benefits of the aroma, soap with lavender oil fights germs too. Toss a small bottle of organic lavender hand sanitizer into your purse or gym bag while you’re at it so you can be clean and comfy no matter life’s demands.

3) Just Breathe…

Put a lavender sachet in your purse or computer case to take out and whiff whenever you need. You can make your own or purchase some for a few bucks. Scrunching and sniffing a lavender sachet can calm you down when you need a second to center yourself.

4) Tea Time is Me Time.

Soothing aromas are released when you prepare lavender tea. That fragrant steam can make you feel better when you’re steamed or stressed. What’s more, lavender tea has been used for centuries to aid digestion. Buy a box and tuck a few tea bags into your purse or laptop case so you can have a cup on when you need a calm-me-down! (If you’re on any medications, check to see if consuming lavender will cause any interactions as you would with any other herbal infusion.)

There is one word of caution regarding the use of lavender in significant quantities. Research is underway to determine to what extent lavender disrupts hormone balance in males.


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