Make your personal life a priority and perform better at work…end of story. Or, should it be the other way around? Maybe it’s best to just balance it all. Ugh. It’s so confusing.

Before you can perform “better” at work, you have to decide what success means for you. It might mean a promotion. It might be performing the job you do well while maintaining a rich home life so you’re not stressed-out at work. Maybe you just want to feel adequately challenged and live in a relative state of peace.

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The one thing success is to everyone, though, is personal. Figure out what “better at work” means to you. How will you know when you get there? Wherever you are in the process of clarifying that marker, there are some things you can do right away to get a grip on work-life balance:

Make Your Personal Life a Priority and Perform Better at Work

Is Technology Your Friend or Foe?

Many folks are now accessible 24/7 through devices. Everything from answering e-mails in a random fashion or turning on a device that emits sleep-disrupting blue light before bed can sabotage your efforts to take care of yourself and rob you of the ability to perform your best. Think about how you use technology. Bundle tasks on devices to increase efficiency.This might mean setting aside specific times to respond to work messages and other times to focus on social networking. It might mean shutting things off a couple of hours before bed.

Location, Location, Location.

Sometimes the perception that there is not enough time for family, friends, and success at work is erroneous. Instead, ask yourself if you’re in the right place, metaphorically and physically. The key to “better” might mean finding a gym, grocery store or other services you use that is closer to your work or home. Small relos don’t have to be dramatic. Tweaking one thing in your life might bring you to a better place.

Value Others.

Self-care that leads to success at work involves developing support networks. Work friends are essential. You need people at work who share your professional passion. It’s also good to have a friendly face to turn to at work who can offer practical advice (or a joke) when stressors mash you down.

Outside of work, a personal support network can help you make practical decisions regarding your career. You might need an objective opinion about your work life every once in awhile.

work-life-balanceHelping Yourself = Helping Others

Eat well, rest and exercise so your brain and body are operating in peak form. Use the energy you reap from self-care to help others succeed. Helping others can give you a boost of confidence when your skills and care are deemed useful to someone else. You also hone your own skills when you lead. Stronger skills at your workplace and improved work relations can lead to better work across the board for you and everyone else.

In essence, improving yourself can translate to balance and, perhaps, a better bottom line.


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