One of the keys to forming any lifestyle habit is the fun factor. If you’re enjoying yourself, you’re more likely to stick to it. There are several ways to make your workouts more fun, but one that keeps showing results over and over again is working out in the company of others. Whether it’s a friend you’ve known for a while, an acquaintance you met at the gym or fellow members in one of our group fitness classes, moving alongside other people can have a lasting impact on how you move. 


Peer pressure often gets a bad rap, but when it’s positive it can keep you from skipping a workout. That’s because working out with others pushes us to stay committed. Commitment improves consistency, and consistency gets results. In fact, one study found that 95% of people who started a weight loss program with friends finished it and were also 42% more likely to maintain their weight loss.  


Let the positive exercise behaviors of others pull you in. A study in the Journal of Social Sciences found that we tend to do this subconsciously, so you can be intentional about it by working out with people who are like-minded in their ambitions. As the saying goes: you are who you surround yourself with. And your workout partners are no exception, which means it’s important to find the right instructor and classmates that’ll encourage you even on the hard days. 


Working out with others pushes you further than you might on your own for another reason. It’s called the Kohler Effect, which is the idea that no one wants to be the weakest link in a group. A study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine found that participants improved their performance and doubled their workout time when they worked out with a partner, especially in a team format, compared to those who exercised alone. 

There’s nothing wrong with going at your fitness goals solo. We know the gym can also be the sanctuary you seek after a long day of interacting with others, but if you’re finding yourself feeling flat or stagnant while you’re there, consider incorporating company.  


Members, now through July 24, you can bring your friends with you to the club anytime, or send them a 2-Week All-Access pass so they can enjoy the club on their own (Republic Fitness here). You’ll share your love movement and passion for fitness, and together take a class, join a teamTRAINING session and enjoy a challenging workout together. If your friends decide to join the club by July 31, you’ll be rewarded with $100 in a club dues credit or club cash!