Ever feel like your connection to the multiverse and its vibration sounds more like a record scratch than an energizing light-filled hum? Feel more like things are happening TO you rather than FOR you? Well, fear not. It happens to all of us at some point– er, often at many points. So…what to do if you are not already fully enlightened and in Zen-like balance? Here are some quick tips that might help you get your mojo back.

3 Tips To Get Your Mojo Back!

1) Find a source of inspiration- go multisensory.

There are a multitude of ways to do this one, so it’s an easy place to start. Check out the latest show at the Museum of Fine Arts, thumb through cookbooks in your favorite bookstore, listen to a podcast that inspires you, attend a concert at a local college, or just pop on your Beats and listen to the playlist that makes everything right, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, take a walk in nature or on a trail, make an aromatic meal, bake a loaf of bread from scratch, pet your dog or a friend’s dog (not a strange dog), go to the park and feed the birds, learn how to knit, do a craft project like a vision board for 2018, watch a documentary on a topic you are passionate about…you get the idea!

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2) Practice good sleep hygiene.

This one may be a little harder for a lot of us. The day slips by, we are tired and stressed out from work and relationships, the chores and worries pile up, and we often turn to screens to fill the gap and distract us from it all. Not only do screens and blue light keep us up too late but they disrupt our sleep cycle and, if you are not using a protective screen, are most likely damaging your retinas as well. Yikes! Step away from the screens. Make a plan for your evening, set your intentions for the night, manage your time like a boss and leave room for a relaxing pre-sleep ritual (like reading that book, or doing a Brain Download –see #3 below).

3) Write it down.

Get your thoughts out of your head and do a brain download on paper- before bed works really well for this one. Unattended, our thoughts are like plant-based ultra-runners that never stop and do better than our feet on the treadmill at the gym. Disrupt their disconnecting and destabilizing cadence by taking a few minutes (which you have because you planned your night and are already practicing good sleep hygiene- see #2 above), to pull out a notebook and write down what is running through your head: the thoughts, worries, fears, emotions, hurts, insults, injuries, hopes, dreams and etc. that are on your mind. Don’t overthink it, don’t hold back and don’t self-censor. Keep the notebook by your bed and make this one of the last things you do each day. Get in the habit of doing this one and your life will change. It is a powerful practice- especially in times of great stress or challenge.

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Which one of these can you start today to help you reset, feel happier in your own skin, boost your mood and shift your outlook?
Try them and you might get your “A-game” back faster than you thought you could.

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