Over the years, Valentine’s Day has lost its luster for a lot of people due to the commercialization of the holiday. We no longer look at Valentine’s Day as a day to show appreciation for the ones we cherish most, but as a day we dread opening our social media accounts to see the happiness of others oozing down our timelines. “We get it, you love each other!”
Listen, I get it. Love and appreciation should be shown every day, not just on Valentine’s Day; but what if we took a different approach to the holiday? What if instead of dreading the day, we embraced it and did something fun with someone unexpected?

No more feeling bad if you’re not in a romantic relationship on Valentine’s Day; and even if you are, so what! This year, we’re saying: “Wednesdays are for the Girls” and celebrating the women we love most – OUR GALENTINES!

Boston is the perfect city to get your Galentine’s Day on! Need some suggestions on things to do? We got you covered:

Forget Valentine’s Day – It’s all about the Galentines!

1) For the Hungry (and/or Thirsty) Gals:

Treat yourself and your Galentine to a healthy, but tasty breakfast to start off a great day or skip out of the office for a bit and meet up with your Galentine for lunch! Can’t leave the office? No problem. Order in and enjoy! Free for dinner? Call up your bestie and have her meet you at your favorite restaurant or try a new one. Top off the evening with a couple drinks and cheers to your friendship!

2) For the Sports Gals:

The Boston Celtics play the LA Clippers at 8pm at TD Garden on Valentine’s Day. Hit up StubHub for some cheap tickets, grab an Uber and head out with your Galentine to watch the C’s dominate; Trying to save some $$? Invite your Galentine over for some homemade snacks and fun cocktails, and cheer on the boys in green as loud as you want!

3) For the Fit Gals:

Grab your Women Crush Wednesday and head to the gym for some partner workouts this Galentine’s Day! The best gift you can give one another is the gift of great summer bodies. After a great workout, treat yourselves to a quick smoothie date and maybe sneak in a bit of the forbidden snack as a small reward (Yes, I meant chocolate).

4) For the Spa Gals:

Who doesn’t love a massage? Better yet, who doesn’t love a massage at a special rate? Valentine’s day is oozing with spa deals and we think it’s a must-do on Galentine’s Day! Healthworks Spa offers massages, facials and much, much more. Grab your Galentine for some Healthworks and chill.

5) For the Movie Gals:

“Mr. Grey will see you now” – come on, we know you want to see it. The third installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey series is out and playing at a theater near you. Get the girls together, sneak in some snacks (I know I’m not the only one) and enjoy. Not here for the Greys? There are plenty of other great movies to check out. I recommend Jumanji starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black for a great laugh plus a little 90’s nostalgia.

6) For the Artsy Gals:

You can’t go wrong with painting and drinking. Create your own Galentine’s Day presents at Paint Nite at Sidebar and Grille at the Sheraton Boston. Spend the night partner painting, drinking and relaxing with your gals. Don’t forget to check out Groupon before you go for a discounted ticket.

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