The ideal women’s body has changed drastically over the last century (think Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss), but one thing has always remained the same: women’s inability to put aside self-criticisms and love the bodies they are born in. We are bombarded by media day-in and day-out that suggests a “perfect” weight or a “perfect” look. Looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale can leave us over-analyzing what we deem to be our faults and leave us feeling defeated and/or depressed.

With the rise of social media, women (and men) have been emerging past their insecurities, sharing what makes them beautiful and encouraging others to do the same.

5 inspirational accounts that will show you why it’s okay to stop criticizing and start loving the skin you’re in.

1) Harnaam Kaur @harnaamkaur

Harnaam Kaur doesn’t define herself through her Guinness World Record of youngest female with a full beard OR by her polycystic ovaries, which has led her to have facial hair since the age of 16. As an activist for anti-bullying and body confidence, Harnaam uses the power of her voice to spread awareness; celebrating her individuality and confidence with over 100,000 followers.

2) Gina Susanna @nourishandeat

Anorexia survivor, Gina Susannah, became Insta famous with #embracethesquish and uses her account as a way to advocate for positive body image and a healthy relationship with food. Anyone that has or is struggling with an eating disorder will find her Instagram filled with both positivity and realness.

3) Kelvin Davis @notoriouslydapper

Kelvin Davis is leading the way for men in the #bopo movement, sharing that its’ okay to have insecurities about your body as a man. Davis considers himself an activist for body confidence and mental health. Outside of his Instagram filled with motivation, you can catch his book titled: How to Be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence

4) Laura Dennison and Eve Simmons @notplantbased

Having both struggled with eating disorders at one point in their lives, Laura and Eve founded @notplantbased to address our myths, fads and mistaken beliefs about food and the unhealthy habits that they create. Their account is filled with honesty, motivation and a touch of humor that will inspire you to be positive about food.

5) Dana Falsetti @Nolatrees

With over 300,000 followers, Dana Falsetti encourages individuals of all shapes and sizes to “just show up” for yoga. For years, she battled a disorder with food and an unhealthy view of herself. When she found yoga, she found a sense of confidence that she now shares with others in workshops around the U.S. She recently had a full page spread in Seventeen magazine, happily showing younger girls that every body is beautiful.

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