Some of our favorite celebs have kicked off the new year with a bang – a FITNESS bang! From posting videos of their workouts, healthy meal options or just motivational messages – fitness seems to be a top priority for a lot of celebrities this year. If fitness is one of your goals for 2018, give these celebs a follow on Instagram for some added fitness motivation:

5 Fitness Motivated Celebrities to Follow on Instagram


1) @therock – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

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Before he was a successful actor, producer and People Magazine’s 2016 “Sexiest Man Alive”, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the dramatic, eyebrow-raising wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and a former college football player at the University of Miami. Through all of his career paths, one thing has always been a constant – his athletic ability. Although most of his time nowadays is spent on sets all around the world, The Rock always manages to find time to get in a killer workout. Whether it’s 3am on a Saturday or noon on a Wednesday, The Rock will have you ready to up your game in the gym at any time.

2) @katehudson – Kate Hudson:

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If you’re into the Namaste – then you can’t stay away from Kate Hudson’s page! Follow the actress and workout fashion mogul for all sorts of funky posts in beautiful locations as she wears her signature Fabletics gear. From the Yoga poses, Pilates videos and adorable pics with her genetically blessed family and friends – Kate Hudson is the perfect follow for some fitness fashion motivation and feel good vibes.

3) @kevinhart4real – Kevin Hart:

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The self-proclaimed “Comedic Rockstar” gave his life to the fitness Gods a couple years ago and has truly been blessed by them in exchange. Last year, Kevin became the first comedian to sign an endorsement deal with Nike resulting in his own shoe line; he partnered with Tennis Goddess Serena Williams for a couple kick-ass workout videos; and started a fitness cult movement with his spontaneous “Move with Hart” 5K runs in various cities throughout the country. Much like The Rock, Kevin Hart is a very busy man; but rest assured – he always finds time post a hardcore workout video or hilarious motivational message to his fans to get them up and moving.

4) @lesdoggg – Leslie Jones:

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You’ve seen her steal the scene is various skits on Saturday Night Live and she recently starred in the remake of Ghostbusters alongside her SNL castmates; but you haven’t seen Leslie Jones be Leslie Jones, if you don’t follow her on Instagram. The SNL funny woman started working with a trainer last year and he is kicking her butt! All of Leslie’s training post are very real and honest; and fortunately for us, absolutely hilarious. If you’re new to the fitness game or just understand how hard it can be sometimes – give Leslie a follow – I promise, you won’t regret it.

5) @candacecbure – Candace Cameron Bure:

Yes guys, DJ Tanner is really into fitness. When not promoting Fuller House on Netflix (yes, I’m watching), Candace Cameron Bure, our favorite eldest daughter of the late 80’s/early 90’s family sitcom “Full House”, is working out with a perfect pixie cut and smile. Candace is always partnering with a celebrity trainer “friend” to bring us the latest workout trends or challenges. Follow her for great at-home workout ideas coupled with some much needed 90’s nostalgia.

Honorable Mention – @willsmith – Will Smith:

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The former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air just recently joined Instagram, thanks in large part to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Since joining at the beginning of the year, Will has garnered 4.9 million followers and seems to be obsessed with posting personal videos talking to his fans. Although he hasn’t posted any fitness-related videos, Will’s motivational posts are everything! Follow him if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, mid-week jumpstart or weekend wake-up call. I don’t know if it’s his confidence, proven track record or delivery – but one Will Smith motivational video is all you’ll need to conquer your goals for the day!

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