Here at Healthworks, we like to refer to our goal-oriented members as GOal Getters. All of us have a little Goal Getter in us, but some of us need a little more of a push than others! (Insert girl w/hand up emoji) This summer, our trainers are here to give you that extra motivation you need to not only set attainable goals but to also crush them. This month we kick off our GOal Getter program, and you don’t want to miss out! Not a member just yet? We have some sweet deals that could give you part of the summer on us! Come by for a visit or check out our website for more details!

Here’s How The GOal Getter Program Works:

1) Set a goal and reach it over the course of 6 weeks and earn 10% off personal training.

2) We set you up with a complimentary assessment to set a goal and evaluate where you are in your fitness process; after six weeks you will be set up with another complimentary session to evaluate if you reached your goal.

All our amazing trainers are equipped with the knowledge, experience and passion to help you become a true GOal Getter and push yourself even harder this summer. Haven’t met a trainer yet? Check out a few of their profiles below. Click the link under their profile to learn more about the rest of our training teams.

goalShauna G. – Level 4 Personal Trainer (Back Bay)

Education/Certifications: Bachelor of Science, UNH; NASM and ACE Certified Master Trainer; Certified Holistic Health Counselor; Pre/Postnatal Certified; Gravity Training System Certified Trainer; TRX Training; HKC Kettlebell Certification

Areas of Expertise: Weight loss and nutrition counseling, Program Planning and Organization, Time Management, Interval Training, Cycling Training, Event and Travel Preparation, Balance

Training Philosophy: “I am here to support you as you reach your goals. My training style is based on what you can do and where you want to go.”

Learn more about Shauna and the rest of the Back Bay training team at

goalAudrey F. – Level 1 Personal Trainer (Cambridge)

Education/Certifications: BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Framingham State University ACE – Certified Group Fitness Instructor, ACTION-Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED

Areas of Expertise: Strength, weight loss, yoga, boxing, personal and group training, body weight exercises; lifestyle, wellness and wellbeing

Training Philosophy: Exercise needs to be engaging, gratifying, and empowering. This can be accomplished by several means depending on individual goals, capabilities, and activities enjoyed. I offer a holistic approach to the whole body that doesn’t end when your workout is over. Posture, movement, and mobility in your daily life contribute significantly to the achievement of your health goals…

Learn more about Audrey and the rest of the Cambridge training team at

goalZane A. – Level 2 Personal Trainer (Coolidge Corner)

Education/Certifications: BS Exercise Science and Adult Fitness, University of Tampa; MS Nutrition and Exercise Science, Southeast Missouri State University; ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Area of Expertise: Strength and power development, joint stabilization, injury prevention, posture correction.

Training Philosophy: No matter what your fitness goals may be, you should be as strong as you can be to accomplish them. I truly embrace the philosophy of “Empowering Women through Exercise.” Any strength is only limited by its range of motion – through the sound practices of mobilization and stabilization we will achieve any and all personal goals with knowledge, power and balance.”

Learn more about Zane and the rest of the Coolidge Corner training team at

goalLiz K. – Level 3 Personal Trainer (Chestnut Hill)

Education/Certifications: B.A. Boston University; NSCA CPT, FMS Level II, Certificate of Personal Training, PCI; Pre/Post Natal Certification

Area of Expertise: Functional Movement, Pre/Post Natal, Weight Loss, 30 Minute Full Body Workouts

Training Philosophy: I really like the idea of the gym and exercise being accessible in a comfortable and productive way. It’s about getting and staying healthy, taking control, reaching goals, and getting stronger both mentally and physically. I consider my role with my clients to be coach, a motivator, and a support system!

Learn more about Liz and the rest of the Chestnut Hill training team at

NEED MORE MOTIVATION – Not only do we have world-class trainers to assist you with your fitness journey this summer, but we also have a great dietitian to help keep you on track with your nutrition goals! For tips and more from Michelle, email her at

JUST IN CASE YOU NEED AN EXTRA PUSH – You’re going to have doubts throughout this process. With the help of our trainers and dietitian, you will have all the in-club support you need. If you’re still having some doubts, check out this Healthworks blog focused on “Setting Goals, and Crushing Them” by Dana Weaver:

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