Strength. We often associate it with the physical first. Muscles. Weights. Reps. 

At Healthworks Group, we think of strength a little differently. 

Strength is stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s accepting some discomfort to make progress. It’s a willingness to stick with it even if you might not be very good at it right away. It’s about putting yourself out there to make new connections or enter a friendly competition for the first time. 

That’s the strength we’re about.  

Don’t get us wrong. We know strength training is good for your body, too. It makes daily tasks easier, stimulates bone-building cells and lowers the risk of falls and injuries, but building strength also takes those other strengths we mentioned earlier. 

The mental and the physical. The inner and the outer. Join us to experience all the different facets of what it means to be strong this spring and beyond: 


Improve your technique and learn how to safely use the barbell and squat racks to increase strength and performance. In these complimentary workshops, our trainers will review warmups, rack adjustments and the proper form for deadlifts, squats and bench presses. See your club schedule here (Republic Members here) for these workshops! 


Whether you’re looking to increase your strength, preparing for our Strong Women Deadlift Competition or any other weightlifting goals you may have set for yourself, our teamDEADLIFT programming will focus on building a strong posterior chain, glutes, back and hamstrings. Learn more about teamDEADLIFT and all other teamTRAINING offerings here, all available as drop-in sessions in-club at Healthworks or remote for all members. 


It’s back! Whether you’re participating or cheering on the strong women around us, we want you there. Join us at Healthworks Back Bay on Saturday, June 3 at 8am. Learn more here but please note that space is waitlist only.  

Let’s build muscle, but let’s do it while also building confidence, knowledge, and connection. Here’s to strength both inside and outside!